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The Many

The Many is an uncommon, intentionally diverse collective making music for people to sing together about peace and justice and a world where all belong.

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The Plural Guild came together to create and curate music, poems, prayer, visual art, liturgy, experiences and community that embrace questions and doubts, as well as faith. To make work that can be used in worship gatherings that’s truly inclusive and helps everyone feel like they belong. 

The Many is the house band of The Plural Guild.

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Get to know

The Plural Guild

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You created a holy space

this evening.

- Bill Brennan


If you like what we do,

you can help us keep creating.

As indie artists, we depend on people who believe in what we’re doing to help keep us going. We depend on your words of encouragement, and your “sharing the love” and telling your friends about us, sharing about us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Twitter. 

And these days especially, when live performances aren’t possible, we also depend on donations. They are never expected, but always deeply appreciated. We’ve created a couple simple ways to do that. You can easily just do a one time donation.

Or you could become a part of our Patreon community and give us a little each month (like as little as $3 - which is like a cup of Starbucks) - and get a lot of exclusives and previews and discounts in return. And if you have other ideas about how you’d like to support our work, please don’t hesitate to ask. We love collaborations and partnerships.

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