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How to Enter Into this Journey

Each station offers you something to see, something to listen to, something to read and reflect on and a prayer to pray. You are free to create the experience you want, that is most meaningful and life-giving for you.  You can take in these offerings in any order that you wish – just use the nav buttons on the left of each station.


You may choose to do all the things at each station. Or only one or two. You may want to experience one station in the morning and one in the evening, following a rhythm of morning prayer and evening prayer, a practice of so many faith traditions. Or you may choose to follow whatever rhyme or reason works best in your life. 


As you interact with these stations online you may want to create a sense of sacred space in whatever place you’re in. You may want to put a cloth on a table,  light a candle or add an essential oil  to a diffuser. You will notice each of the featured artworks for each station includes a bowl. Each bowl is  holding a space for giving or receiving, a space to empty out and a place to be filled. So you may want to bring a bowl into your sacred space as well. It can be a symbol of your willingness to be filled with whatever these stations bring to you. Or it can quite literally be where you put your written prayers and laments. 

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